2006/07 Results
30 Sep 06BIS2006/07 Opening Night13th
07 Oct 06BISComp Cams Round 1DNF
27 Oct 06BISComp Cams Round 212th
04 Nov 06BISComp Cams Round 37th
18 Nov 06BISComp Cams Round 412th
09 Dec 06BISComp Cams Round 511th
29 Dec 06BISInternational Sprintcar Challenge #320th
01 Jan 07BISInternational Sprintcar Challenge #326th
06 Jan 07BISInternational Sprintcar Challenge #3DNF
27 Jan 07BISMSAQ Club Show8th
24 Feb 07BISComp Cams Round 66th
10 Mar 07BISComp Cams Round 712th
24 Mar 07BISComp Cams Round 817th
14 Apr 07BISComp Cams Round 912th
27 Apr 07BISQueensland Sprintcar ChampionshipDNF
5 May 07BISComp Cams Round 1017th

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Race Update 12/07            News Update                   BIS Archerfield - State Title & Sat 5 May 2007

Hello Everyone!

Time has gotten away from us again and so I bring you up to speed with two race meetings to report to you.

27-29 April saw us compete in the Queensland State Title at our home track of BIS Archerfield.

Of the forty plus cars competing over the weekend Bruce time trialled mid field in about twentieth position putting us mid field to start each heat.

The first heat Bruce just struggled to keep the car under control, finishing back in the field. In the second heat Tony Michell came unstuck when he drove down onto the in field and due to the greasy conditions there his car slid up and shot out onto the track right in front of Bruce. The Q22 rode straight over Tony's right front wheel and the impact tipped Bruce on his side. It wasn't even a 'decent' rollover says Bruce, just a soft lay down, but failing to finish that heat would have meant he would be competing in the B Main for a spot in the final.

Bruce weighed up the options and decided to pack it all up and not contest the title any further as the final round of the comp cams was the week following. He was close to securing a position in the top ten for that series and he didn't have the time or budget left to keep fixing any further damage that the car might get contesting the title, and he wanted to make sure he was ready for the final round of the comp cams.

Comp Cams Final Round 5 May - BIS Archerfield

The heats were done using the draw and invert system. In other words, the drivers' names are drawn for the first heat and their position is inverted for the second. So the driver who scores first place in the first heat starts out from last position in the second heat.

Heat one and the Q22 is starting from position eight in a field of ten cars. Bruce passed Ben Wright then made a couple of mistakes and got passed by Ben again and then Darren Jensen. On the final lap he almost got the spot back from Darren but missed out by .03 of a second as they crossed the finish line.

Heat two and the Q22 started off from position three. Bruce blasted straight past the visiting NSW driver and spent the rest of the race chasing after Darren Jensen. He didn't quite get there, but he did retain his second spot.

Points were extremely close amongst the field with a tie for positions eight through to thirteen. Positions were then decided on the fastest lap time for the evening. Bruce missed out on transferring direct into the A main being just a point or two outside the others, and so he started out of position three in the B Main.

From the start Peter Lack went up round the high side and over took the field into second spot and Bruce settled back into fourth position. He was feeling quite comfortable with the way the car was handling and was just thinking about challenging third position Steven White when there was a loud bang from the Q22. Wondering what was wrong with the car, what had happened and why was he was left with no brakes suddenly? A quick check assured him it wasn't engine trouble so he just decided to change his driving style to accommodate the loss of brakes and pressed on to try and collect as many points as he could for the series. Having no brakes did hamper his speed into the corners and he ended up losing one spot to Ben Wright and finishing fifth, thus missing out on the transfer into the A Main once more.

It was worth finishing the race though, because out of the forty eight cars competing in the Comp Cams series this season, Bruce and the Q22 car have scored eighth!

The next meeting is our final run for the season. BIS promoter John Kelly has been running his own private point series throughout the season and Bruce has qualified into the special event known as the 'Casablanca' - with a $5000 to win prize pool. That race will be run in conjunction with the regular club show.

So come and watch us compete in our final appearance for the season as with that kind of prize money on offer, the top spot will surely be hotly contested. Stay after the show and call in to visit us down in the pits as we celebrate the end of season with our usual after race barbeque.

Brisbane International Speedway, Archerfield on 26 May. See you there!

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